About Us

Welcome to GC Empire Cosmetics!

This New Year my mind was blank; I had no 2020 goals nothing to look forward to but just work, work and work which was pretty scary. I thought “I need to convert this feeling into something beneficial”, it sounds crazy but I felt like a robot with no direction, not until I started working on GC Empire. Knowing the passion I have for cosmetics convinced me to take the risk and build my own business. This is where my slogan was born ("Building an EMPIRE with Glam").

I created this beauty line thinking in everything I like, everything I buy online, everything I wear, but most importantly on bringing my hard work to not just benefit myself but every single one of you. I’ll be launching my products little by little to make it fun and interesting for all of us.

THANK YOU for supporting my new creation and hope you enjoy my products as much as I do.

Please stay tuned, follow, share, join my mailing list and stay beautiful!

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- Gabby Casillas